Potters Beautiful Island 4-pk cans (Virginia)

Allagash White 4-pk 16oz cans!
Allagash River Trip 4-pk 16oz cans

Reaver Beach Kraken 4-pk cans (Virginia)
Reaver Beach Cthulu the Dread 4-pk cans (Virginia)

Parkway Moment on the lips 6-pk bottles (Virginia)

Adroit Theory Nullen Tropy 4-pk cans (Virginia)

Vasen Hane 500ml bottle (Virginia)

Foothills BBA Sexual Chocolate 750ml bottle
Foothills Frostbite 6-pk bottles

Three Notch’d Apple Crumb 6-pk cans (Virginia)

Rogue Yellow Snow Pilsner 4-pk cans
Rogue Hazelnut Brown 4-pk cans
Rogue Dead Guy 4-pk cans

Peak Super Fresh 4-pk cans

Hardywood BBA Gingerbread Stout 750ml bottle (Virginia)
Hardywood Christmas Pancakes 750ml bottle (Virginia)

Starr Hill Box of Chocolates Stout Variety 12oz bottle pack (Virginia)

D9 Systema Naturae Cranberry & Sumac 4-pk bottles
D9 Systema Naturae Pinch of Salt – White Chocolate Pretzel 4-pk bottles

Freethought Levitate 4-pk cans

Gigantic Hellboy Blood Queen 500ml bottle

Hoof Hearted Rose’ Gose 4-pk cans

Corsendonk Christmas Ale 4-pk & 750ml bottle

Dogfish Head BBA World Wide Stout 12oz bottle

Heavy Seas Siren Noire 4-pk bottle

Public Access Energy Dreams 4-pk cans

Drekker Slang Du Jour – Blueberry Pancakes 4-pk cans
Drekker Struggle Bus 4-pk cans
Drekker Brain Squeeze – Raspberry/Manger 4-pk cans
Drekker Braaaaaaaains – Peach & Passionfruit 4-pk cans

Superstition Meadery Blueberry Hex 750ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Fauna 375ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Pieseas 375ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Chocolate Strawberry Sunrise 375ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Snow Melt 750ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Hawaiian Honeymoon 375ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Chocolate Marion 375ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Coffee Marion 375ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Blueberry Spaceship Box 750ml bottle
Superstition Meadery Peanut Butter Jelly Crime 750ml bottle

Abomination Bro Beer 4-pk cans

Smuttynose Robust Porter 4-pk cans

Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious 4-pk cans
Captain Lawrence Tears of Green (Lemon drop, Simcoe, & Citra) 4-pk cans

Dogfish Head American Beauty Hazy Ripple 6-pk cans

Long Trail Vermont Double IPA 4-pk cans

Left Hand Fade to Black 4-pk cans

Uinta Rise & Pine 6-pk cans

Ballad Balladeer 6-pk bottles (Virginia)
Ballad Cash Crop 6-pk bottles (Virginia)
Ballad Fast Mail 6-pk bottles (Virginia)
Ballad Just Pressed 6-pk bottles (Virginia)

Reason Beer Strange Currencies 4-pk cans (Virginia)

Starr Hill Snow Blind 6-pk bottles (Virginia)

Great Lakes Christmas Ale 6-pk bottles

Hardywood Gingerbread Stout 500ml bottle (Virginia)

Victory Winter Cheers 6-pk bottles

Founders CBS 4-pk bottles

Duclaw Haze of Glory 6-pk cans
Duclaw Sour Me Double Blueberry 4-pk cans

Smuttynose 25th Birthday Beer 4-pk cans

Bruery Banana Bread 16oz can

Old Busthead Caramel Macchiato Stout 4-pk bottles (Virginia)

Schlafly Merry Berry Ale 6-pk bottles

Collective Arts Audio/Visual Lager 4-pk cans

Mad Bean Iced Vanilla Coffee 24oz can
Mad Bean Iced Mocha 24oz can

Devil’s Backbone Cherry Pie Lager 6-pk cans (Virginia)

Alewerks Coffeehouse Stout 4-pk bottles (Virginia)

Three Notch’d Foggy Day 4-pk cans (Virginia)

Brouwerij St. Bernardus Christmas Ale 4-pk bottles

Brouwerij Duchesse Chocolate Cherry 4-pk bottles

Adroit Theory Resist 4-pk cans (Virginia)
Adroit Theory Cannibalism (Papua New Guinea Coffee, Pistachios, & Cacao Nibs) 22oz bottle (Virginia)

Brewdog Jack Hammer 6-pk cans

Hawkes Cider Dead & Berried 6-pk cans
Hawkes Cider Slam Funk 6-pk cans
Hawkes Cider Doom & Bloom 6-pk cans

Overworks Cosmic Crush: Apricot 12oz bottle
Overworks Cosmic Crush: Boysenberry 12oz bottle
Overworks Cosmic Crush: Cherry 12oz bottle

Basic City Hop Tropikos 4-pk cans (Virginia)
Basic City Merak 4-pk cans (Virginia)
Basic City Gringo 4-pk cans (Virginia)

Sam Adams Winter Bock 6-pk bottles

Sierra Nevada Celebration 6-pk bottles

Devils Backbone Danzig 6-pk bottles (Virginia)

Troegs Mad Elf 6-pk bottles

Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa 6-pk cans

Two Roads Holiday Ale 6-pk cans
Two Roads Black Currant Synopsis 2-pk cans
Two Roads Dark Cherry Synopsis 2-pk cans